Letter from the State CIO and Deputy State CIO

As California’s Chief Information Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer, it’s our calling to use technology efficiently and effectively to achieve society’s goals and make progress on big, complex problems.

Vision 2023 is California’s Statewide Technology Strategic Plan. It’s a result of working with thousands of public servants, leaders, our legislature, local governments, listening to our public, and learning from experts around America and the world.

We heard everyone loud and clear.

We are proud to share a vision for California’s future that dreams big, focuses on the next three years, and sets out a bold direction for the years to come.

Our vision is for more efficient and effective government, improving at an exponential rate. Our current pace of transformation simply isn’t fast enough to meet the needs of the Californians we serve.

But becoming more efficient and more effective isn’t the full story.

Our vision is of technology powering compassionate, human-centered government.

In our vision, all public services will be easy to use, accessible and reliable, ready and available wherever and whenever needed.

California is the world leader in radically improving people’s lives by inventing opportunities and finding fresh ways to use technology.

We understand that technology is a tool for the California State Government's most important job of all: representing and serving all Californians.

We know that success doesn’t come from the top, but comes from unleashing the accumulated knowledge, experience and passion of everyone.

We present Vision 2023 as a call to empower over 200,000 public servants, local government, the technology community and our public.

Let’s get to work.

Amy Tong, State of California,
Chief Information Officer and the Director of the California Department of Technology

Richard Rogers,
Deputy State Chief Information Officer and Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Technology